Our aim is to provide everyone with the best possible opportunity to enjoy their Yoga practise. You can help us by observing the following Studio Etiquette:

  • Please arrive for your class in plenty of time. Classes start on time and there will be no admission for latecomers.
  • The studio is shoe-free so please leave your footwear in the reception area.
  • Please use the lockers to store your belongings. Bath Yoga Studio cannot be responsible for any items lost or stolen.
  • Always sign in at reception before going into the studio.
  • Please keep us informed of any medical conditions, injuries, recent surgeries or if you are pregnant.
  • Please keep body and feet clean when attending class. If you are wearing strong perfume/scent or have had a sweaty day, take a shower before class.
  • Make sure mobile phones are switched off and left in the reception area (except health professionals’ on-call).
  • Remove any jewellery that makes a noise i.e. bangles, bracelets.
  • If you need to leave the studio for any reason during your class, please get the teacher’s attention first to let them know you are ok.
  • Please do not chat during class. When the class has finished, please leave quietly. Feel free to talk and get to know each other in the reception area before class starts!
  • For your own safety please avoid chewing gum.
  • No smoking on the premises.
  • It is important to stay until the end of class. Postures towards the end of the series are designed to calm, cool and re-energise you.
  • Take care of the equipment and the Studio. After class all equipment should be returned neatly and properly to its correct place.
  • After class, leave the room quietly so as not to disturb other students.
  • Always be respectful of fellow students and, most of all, have a positive attitude and keep an open mind and an open heart.
  • We appreciate that after a Hot Yoga class you may wish to shower before going on to your next commitment. As we are a small un-manned studio with classes usually running with a tight 15-minute window between them, we ask that you are prompt to vacate prior to the next class leaving. Thanks for your understanding.