Dynamic Hatha

Dynamic yoga is traditional Hatha yoga but a little more lively with fluid movement and flow, focusing on complete body awareness. This can involve much more dynamic asanas during the practice focusing on the union of the mind, breath, body and spirit through continuous movement to balance, strengthen and energise.

Gentle Hatha – Gentle Flow

Help to drop-in and connect to our bodies, heart and soul. A mindful embodiment practice for all levels.

Gentle Yoga

A wind-down restorative class ideal for counterbalancing stress and fatigue. By encouraging the body to ease open through gentle, longer held postures and deep breath awareness, tension is released. Less fight or flight and more centering and calmness.

Gentle Yoga with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, sometimes known as yogic sleep, is a both a powerful meditation technique and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain. In Yoga Nidra the body is in a state which is completely relaxed.

The practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. In Yoga Nidra the practitioner is taken through the five layers of self and remains in a state of light withdrawal of the 5 senses with four senses internalised and only hearing still connected to any instructions given.

The goal of Yoga Nidra is to achieve a state of meditative consciousness known as samadhi.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is the general term for all Yoga styles. This is a gentler form, based on movement with the breath and body awareness.

Yoga is unique in combining the breath with the posture, creating a more calm, peaceful nervous system response.

Hatha Yoga is a physical form of gaining flexibility, masses of health benefits and a stress reduction form of exercise. Poses (Asanas) will work every energy channel and organ in the body, releasing blockages and improving blood flow and immunity, as well as improving posture and well being.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a series of Hatha Yoga postures in a heated room of between 80-90 degrees. The series of Hatha Yoga postures steadily help you experience cardiovascular improvements, strength, stamina, core and restorative training, all in one sequence.

The energy cycle works through a series of specifically designed asanas (postures) that induce heat and intensely stretch muscles in every part of the body. Where the harder Yang energy works to stimulate and energise, the softer Yin aspect works in unison to calm and soothe. Hot Yoga is suitable for everyone. Results are noticeably quick. Hot Yoga is an amazing, fun way to experience all posture levels.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga originated from the Ashtanga Yoga system and distinguishes from Ashtanga in that it does not stick to a set sequence of asanas (poses). Power Yoga is a vigorous form of Yoga, that challenges student’s to a dynamic warm-up, builds poses progressively through the sequence, diversifies in the pose structure in each class and builds muscles tone, flexibility and strength.

Other main benefits include an increase in oxygen to the muscles and raises the heart rate and cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that regular practice improves strength and fitness, whilst reducing body fat, within a few weeks.

Restorative Yoga

This is an invitation to completely relax and surrender the mind and body to the body’s inner balance of Homeostasis. By journeying to letting go of the constant need to fight or flight, we restore our’s body’s nervous system to the peace and calmness of more optimal mental and physical health.

Lots of research has been conducted to show beneficial effects Restorative Yoga has on our blood cells, brain, muscles, bones, nervous system and all the systems and tissues within our body.

You will be laying on a Yoga mat and allowing the supportive equipment to hold you and your body in a relaxed and gentle state, wave after wave harmonising and restoring the balance, cleansing and purifying back to peace and stillness.

You will need a rolled up towel or blanket, folded blankets or duvet and belt and mat, and maybe an eye pillow and block/book.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to Yang Yoga, such as Hot, Power or Vinyasa Yoga styles, as well as other high intensity exercise. Yin gives you a sense of calmness and equilibrium, by preventing burn out and quietening the chattering mind.

There are three principles that we will work with in the class – coming into the Yin pose to an appropriate depth; resolving to yield and lastly, to stay in the posture for some time.

Yin postures work into the connective tissues, which requires the muscles to release. It differs from Restorative Yoga, because you will be feeling the sensations of moderate tension into the connective tissue and joints, rather than being completely passive in the poses.

Energetically Yin Yoga removes blockages and allows energy to flow, giving a sense of deep relaxation at the end of class

Yoga and Meditation for beginners This ‘meaningful Yoga’ engages body-mind-soul. Through the gentle complementary elements of both Yoga postures and meditation techniques, it will bring the unity of both physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Hatha Yoga is the union of postures with the breath, through conscious awareness.

This creates space, growth and provides a safe space to feel, to open the possibility to connect with the divine. The source within us, to truly find peace, happiness and positivity.