Book online

Click on ‘Login’ at the top right of your screen.

Create your account by entering your details In the ‘New to our site’ box and follow the prompts.

Once in the site, click on the ‘Classes’ tab to view the class schedule.

Instructions to attend Virtual BYS classes

You can download the app to your smartphone or go to the  and sign up, there is a PC quick download you can use if you wish. Also it’s free to download.

Firstly download the  – “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” on your smartphone

 as normal to the classes you want via our website.

Your BYS account MUST have a current email address and/or mobile number to receive a link to link into the practice 30-minutes before class.

MoveGB booking members do not show emails or mobile numbers, so there would be no way of contacting us, unless you text/whatsapp: 07946 663464 at least 1-hour before, to confirm your booking and to receive the class link.

You can watch the class via your mobile, laptop or desktop. Bigger screens mean you’ll see more detail but not are necessary!

Once the class host, your teacher, has dialled you in you simply press on the link to join her.

Your teacher will mute all, so she won’t hear your hard work and sighs but you will hear her perfectly!

Make a payment

Decide which of the payment options you’d like to take.