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Saturday 2nd October: 2.00-4.30pm


We are delighted to offer you this Hips & Heart healing Chocolate Workshop.

During the 2.5 hours, we start with Intention Angel Cards.

Then starting our ascent warming up, opening up and moving into velvety fluidity in the hips, spine and chest opening areas. Finally, finishing in some well earnt, delicious organic, vegan chocolate treats or two…

Chocolate when used in it’s purest form releases negative thinking and replenishes healthy energy released during practice.

The room will be warm, but not super hot for the duration, to allow deeper releases, keeping cosey, whilst chilly outside.

This workshop is your opportunity to cultivate the energy you want, the energy you wish to let go of and with a feeling of lightness, love and happiness.

Sunday 10th October: 2.30-5.00pm


Join Olivia Shone, a trained Yoga Teacher, Meditation and spiritual teacher as she will uniquely guides you through a beautiful afternoon workshop of Hatha Yoga and guided meditation to help you ground.

Draw inspiration into your life, through the connection from the autumnal season.

A unique blend of Yoga and meditation tools to offer space for individuals to find peace, to let go of anxiety, to be more present. A mind, body and soul immersion.

Pranayama Workshop

March 11, 2021

VIRTUAL Live Stream with Joe MacNab

14th November 2021


£12 Online/£15 Studio

An active practice where you’ll use the breath to activate all of the Chakras, stimulate the physical organs and enliven the Prana (energy) in every part of your body and mind.

Key elements:-

•Kriya Yoga
•Discussing Bandha’s, Mudra’s Kumbhaka’s and Chakra’s

Prana Kriya Yoga harmonises and unites the flow of the physical movement in our bodies (Kriya).

This form of Yoga is one of the most effective means by which to achieve your goals and aspirations, material, emotional and spiritual and bring your actions in line with your mental and emotional state.

It recharges and oxygenates the blood and rejuvenates the brain and spinal centre, preventing the decay of tissues in the body.

Regardless of your physical strength and ability, you will guided during this energetic & powerful workshop.

This Workshop is suitable for all.

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