VIRTUAL Live Stream with Diane Lee

x3 Week Course

Monday 25th January, 1st February & Monday 8th February

6.30 – 7.30pm


Developed for Iconic Cycling Events and BDOVELO

Stretching, strength & conditioning for cyclists

Cyclists are known for their strength, speed, endurance and power, but with this often comes tight muscles, stiff lower backs, hips and overworked target muscle areas. In order to be less prone to injury, this stretching class is aimed at cyclists keen to lengthen short muscles, recover quicker and to improve performance.

Through creating more muscle and joint space, regular Yoga based stretching is key in regaining balance. Through connecting the breath with movement, it deeply relaxes tight areas that require regular attention.

It helps oxygenate the muscles, improves cardiovascular health and returns heart rates to resting heart rates quicker.